Hot Springs National Park


Hot Springs National Park is considered to be United States’ oldest federal reserve, a location to a national landmark, Bathhouse Row. The spring bathhouses have been known since the mid-19th century, reason for the Neo-classical and Spanish-style façade which can be found near the Bathhouse row. This is greatly manifested by the rich Colonial Spanish art culture design of Ozark Bathhouse. Although, this bathhouse already stopped its operation, the place is transformed into a fine art gallery in 2014.

This park of Hot Springs, Arkansas is deemed as the The American Spa featuring 47 natural, spring water hot springs perfect for therapeutic relaxation.

Visitors who are in need of a therapeutic bath may go to the longest operating bathhouse in this National Park, Buckstaff Baths. This bathhouse provides separate floors for its male and female visitors and supplies amenities and facilities available for use such as whirlpool tubs and steam cabinets. Swedish massage therapists are also around to provide soothing massages to the visitors.

A whole-body service may be availed in Quapaw Baths. This bathhouse’s facility features a fascinating European-style vibe. The water pools and the services provided in Quapaw Baths are a luxury. Ranging from foot scrubs to full body treatments which help reduce wrinkles by promoting skin cell growth. This bathhouse is perfect for those who want to look youthful without the surgical experience.

Besides the bathhouse experiences, Hot Springs National Park has more to offer to its visitors. With its 5,000 acre area, the park is also a perfect place to explore. Visitors may tour via car around the picturesque routes of the park leading to Hot Springs Mountain’s peak.

For visitors who are more into hiking adventures, varying levels and lengths of hiking trails may be accessed around the park.

Hot Springs National Park is also a perfect place to camp-out. A first-come, first serve camping site near Gulpha Creek is accessible whole-year round. Visitors may bring in RVs or tents for camping under the stars.

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